• Custom colors for WR-LPU

    WR-LPU waterborne polyurethane topcoat comes in 12 standard colors.  We will match any color sample you send us for an upcharge with a minimum order of 1 gallon.  Small 4 oz. samples of all 12 colors are available for a nominal charge from the website.  These can be intermixed in any proportions to obtain the color you want in order to have it matched.

  • I want to paint a design on my wood/epoxy paddleboard but I do not know what kind of paint to use or when to paint.

    You can paint your design under or over the epoxy coating.  If it's underneath, ordinary house paint will do.  If it's on top of the resin, we would recommend our WR-LPU.





  •  What is the proper surface preparation for gluing wood to metal using G2?

    Make sure that the surfaces are clean, sanded, and free from contaminates.  Best results are achieved by adding some silica thickener to the G2.  Also, apply only enough clamp pressure to close the joint.  Over clamping will squeeze out the G2, resulting in a weak bond. 

  • Can I coat urethane (poly iso) foam with epoxy?

    Silvertip, General Purpose, or Cold Cure epoxy resin will coat the foam without attacking it.

  • How much area can I cover with a bead of adhesive from a cartridge?


      INCHES 0.25 0.5 0.75 1 1.25 1.5
      0.25 24.1          
      0.5 12.3 6.0        
    WIDTH 0.75 8.0 4.0 2.7      
      1.0 6.0 3.0 2.0 1.5    
      1.25 4.8 2.4 1.6 1.2 1.0  
      1.5 4.0 2.0 1.3 1.0 0.8 0.7
  • How much working time do I have with my epoxy?

    See Technical Data Sheet or container for working times.

  • Sanding guidelines for applying multiple coats of product.


    • Recoating or applying multiple coats of one of our 2:1 epoxy products (General Purpose, SilverTip, Clear Coat, MirrorCoat, etc.) can be done without sanding if done within 72 hours of the previous coat. Beyond 72 hours, sand the previous coat with no higher than 120 grit sand paper to ensure the next coat adheres or properly levels out. 
    • For S-1 Sealer and Cold Cure products, the recoat window is 24 hours. 
    • For all System Three adhesives (Quick Cure, T-88, Gel Magic, MetlWeld, etc.) sand in between coats for best adhesion if a second application is desired. Please follow all instructions on substrate surface preparation prior to applying System Three adhesives.
    • For fairing compounds, putty, and pastes, please allow to fully cure then abrade or sand if additional product is to be applied.


  • How long should I wait to sand?

    See Technical Data Sheet or container.

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