What is the Difference between Sculpwood Putty and Sculpwood Max?

Sculpwood Putty is a non-shrinking, two-part epoxy putty compound ideal for filling voids often associated with rot repair applications.  When cured, it sands like wood and machines easily.  It has tenacious adhesion to wood substrates when paired with System Three RotFix epoxy.  These characteristics make it ideal for cosmetic repairs of architectural wood components.

Whereas, SculpWood Max is a reinforced, high-compressive strength, two-part epoxy putty compound.  It has four times the compressive strength of standard SculpWood Putty.  SculpWood Max is non-shrinking and forms a permanent bond to wood freshly coated with RotFix epoxy.  The high compressive strength makes it ideal for repairing vertical load-bearing wood components such as posts or columns.  Some wood components such as horizontal support beams with minor, non-structural damage can be fortified with SculpWood Max.

Since Sculpwood Max is a fortified compound, avoid overfilling repair areas too much as it can be difficult to machine. The use of coarse sandpaper with a belt sander or random orbital sander works well for removing any excess putty.

Consult with a structural engineer when dealing with critical structural applications.

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