System Three Adhesives And Knife Making

System Three manufacturers a number of adhesives for the knife maker.  We offer both 5 and 15-minute fast setting materials.  Quick Cure-5 and Quick Cure 15 are used to glue wood and composite materials (G10 and Micarta) with decent performance.  For high performance applications, T-88 offers superior heat and impact resistance, while having a 30 minute working time.  When working with oily, tropical woods, our G-2 adhesive excels.  It too has very good heat and impact resistance with an exceptionally long working time of 1.5 hours.  Both T-88 and G-2 bond well to nearly all materials used for crafting knife handles.

Epoxy adhesives perform best by ensuring that both surfaces are clean and sanded.  Apply the adhesive to both surfaces and apply only enough pressure to close the joint.  Over clamping will result in a starved joint and poor bond strength.  

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