If you want to make the Sculpwood putty more wet and malleable do not thin with solvents as this can cause the epoxy to not harden completely. There are two options for thinning the SculpWood Putty. 

1.) Warming the individual components up a bit (90 deg F) will soften the putty. Note that warmer epoxy will cure faster and could be more sticky to work with.

2.) If you want to thin the product, our RotFix Epoxy can be used as a thinner. First, mix up some putty and then mix up a small batch of RotFix Epoxy. Dribble the mixed RotFix into the mixed putty and combine. When thinned with this approach you ensure a correct mixing ratio and that everything will cure correctly.


Older tubs of SculpWood hardener that have been opened and used can appear to be drier. We have found though that when kneaded together with the the SculpWood resin in preparation for use that it softens back to its usual, easy to work with, constancy.

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