How Many Years of Protection are the Borate Rods and Borate Powder Good for?

Borates are water soluble, so how long they will stay effective in wood is entirely dependent on the amount of moisture exposure the wood will be subject too. 

- Borate Powder is the First step in our EndRot System, and when properly sealed under The other Rot Repair components can remain effective in the wood for many years. When used on its own it can wash away in a matter of months. 

- Borate Rods are a good solution for long term protection of unsealed wood. When the wood is saturated, the borates slowly dissolve creating a toxic environment for rot causing organisms. As the wood dries out the borates are re-deposited in the wood. Depending on the amount of exposure, borate rods can remain effective for many years even in unsealed wood. 

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