What is the Difference Between Clear Coat and S-1 Sealer?

We carry two epoxy sealers, both of which will perform equally as a sealer. The differences are found in application and physical properties. 

1) Clear Coat is a low-viscosity, 100% solids, solvent-free epoxy sealer that cures to a clear gloss finish. It has a 2:1 (resin: hardener) mix ratio by volume and has a pot life of 60 minutes. Because it contains no solvents, foam rollers, and brushes can be used. 

2) S-1 Sealer is a great alternative for a penetrating epoxy sealer. It is a 50% solids, solvent-based epoxy system. This sealer has a 1:1 (resin: hardener) mix ratio by volume and offers a long pot life of 24 hours at 70°F. Because it contains solvents only solvent-resistant rollers and brushes should be used. 

The mode of application, porosity, and material of the substrate may be a good deciding factor in choosing the best sealer for your project. If the substrate is very porous, you might consider using the Clear Coat for its higher solids and faster film build. The S-1 Sealer may not be ideal for materials that are not compatible with strong solvents (e.g. EPS foam, thermoplastics). However, if you set up to safely spray apply epoxy, S-1 Sealer is the product to use. Note that spraying epoxy should only be done by professionals working with the proper personal protective equipment. 

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