• Can you re-coat SculpWood after it has dried?

    If the Sculpwood Putty has cured to a hard state, you can apply more SculpWood Putty.  First, apply RotFix Epoxy to the SculpWood Putty.  Allow the RotFix to reach a tacky state, then apply SculpWood Putty over the RotFix.

    If working with SculpWood Paste, simply sand and apply more SculpWood Paste.

  • Paint over Sculpwood.

    Once the Sculpwood putty/paste is hard enough to sand, both are capable of accepting any latex or water-based primers and paints. Oil based primers and paints can sometimes have drying issues so spot testing is recommended. 

  • Sculpwood Putty Coverage

    The amount of Sculpwood required for a given project varies widely because it is difficult to estimate the volume of an irregular void.

    You will need to estimate the cubic inches of the void by measuring the average length X width x depth.  The sum of this calculation is the total cubic inches.  SculpWood Putty comes in 4 kit sizes.  The kits are listed below with the number of cubic inches per unit.

    8 oz. / 14.4cubic inches

    1 Quart / 58 cubic inches

    2 Quart / 116 cubic inches

    2 Gallon / 462 cubic inches


  • Can Sculpwood Putty or Paste be colored?

    Yes.  There are a few options:

    1)  Dry pigments can be added into the mixed products in any proportion. 

     2)  Liquid dyes or paint colorants can be added into the mixed at up to 2% by weight.

     3)  System Three® Epoxy Paste Pigments can mixed into the Part A at up to 10% by weight and then mixed 1:1 with the Part B.


  • Can you stain over Sculpwood Putty or Paste?

    Unfortunately, no.  The resin content of the products is high enough to effectively have them function somewhat as sealers, and the stain will not penetrate like it will into the bare wood.

    The suggested workaround is to mix dry pigments or house paint colorants into the paste or putty as you combine the Part A and B.  This can approximate the color of the stained wood around it.

  • How soon can SculpWood Putty be applied over the RotFix Epoxy?

    SculpWood Putty can be applied over the RotFix immediately after application.