How do I use a Utah Cartridge?

Utah Cartridge Assembly Tutorial

System Three’s T-88, GelMagic, Quick Cure, and Sculpwood Paste can be purchased in a u-TAH cartridge. It is a dual-chamber cartridge that fits a standard caulking gun. The cartridge tip will mix the product thoroughly as it is squeezed through administering the correct mixing ratio. The mixing tip should be disposed of after each use. Each cartridge will come with one mixing tip if you need more you can purchase them from our website. (u-TAH Turbo Mix Tips)


How to open a u-TAH Cartridge

1. Unscrew the cap from the cartridge


2. Remove the plug from the tube. Save the removed plug for storage.blobid3.pngblobid4.png

3. Place the mixing tip on the end of the cartridge and secure it in place with the screw cap.

4. Place the cartridge in a standard caulking gun and dispense.


Once you are finished dispensing

1. Untwist the cap and throw away the mixing tip.

2. Put the plug back in place and secure it in place with the twist cap.





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