How do I Tint or Color System Three Epoxies?

We offer a few options for creating colors with your epoxy project.


Epoxy Pigment Concentrates:

Epoxy Pigment Concentrates are specifically formulated for all System Three liquid epoxy resins. They are available in 7 standard colors and can be blended with each other to create additional colors. Simply add the pigment concentrate to the Resin (Part A), then mix the now pigmented resin at the specified ratio with the Hardener (Part B). The Epoxy Pigment Concentrates can be added up to 10% by volume to achieve full thin-film opacity without changing the performance of the cured product.

CastFX Liquid colorant:

CastFX Liquid Colorants are designed to work specifically with System Three RiverCast, MirrorCast, and MirrorCoat. Add a little for a transparent effect or add up to 4 ounces per mixed gallon for complete opacity of your casting project. CastFx Liquid Colorants can be intermixed with one another to create your own unique color blend and blended with CastFX Dry Metallic Pigments to create stunning, one-of-a-kind effects.

CastFX Dry Metallic Pigments: 

CastFX Dry Metallic Pigments are powders that can be added directly to System Three RiverCast, MirrorCast, and MirrorCoat. These Pigments are non-reactive and can be incorporated into the mixed epoxy at any ratio. CastFX Dry Metallic Pigments add a stunning pearlescent effect to our resin systems and can be intermixed with one another or blended with Cast FX Liquid Colorant to create your own unique color blend.

Other colorants, dry pigments, and dyes have been shown to be compatible with the System Three products.  You should always test other supplier's colorant material to ensure you are happy with the results before using it with a System Three Epoxy. 



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