What is the difference between SculpWood Putty and Quick Cure Wood Putty?

SculpWood Putty is a non-shrinking, two-part epoxy putty compound ideal for filling voids often associated with rot repair applications. After a 6-hour cure at 70 deg F, it sands like wood and machines easily. It has tenacious adhesion to wood substrates when paired with System Three RotFix epoxy. SculpWood Putty has a long working time and can be mixed in large volumes. These characteristics make it ideal for large repairs of architectural wood components.


Quick Cure Wood Putty is a fast-setting wood filler made for interior wood components.  It reduces downtime and increases productivity in manufacturing and production environments. 

Quick Cure Wood Putty fills knots and voids in a single fill without shrinking.  It sets in 10 minutes and sands in 1 hour.  This unique wood filler machines easily without clogging up abrasives.  Quick Cure Wood Putty is stainable and is compatible with most finishes.


It comes in 6 standard colors to match most wood species (Taupe, Red Oak, Mahogany, Cherry, Black Walnut, and Ebony).




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