Repairing Cracks In Exterior Wood Components

Exterior wood components such as beams, posts, decking, and rail caps often have cracks throughout its length.  These cracks are a result of dimensional stresses from expanding and contracting.  The development of such cracks should be considered normal for exterior wood components.

We are often asked at System Three if our epoxy products can be used to either glue or fill these cracks.  In some cases where the wood component is sheltered from moisture saturation, and direct sun exposure, filling cracks with a product like SculpWood Paste and follow with primer and paint will generally yield a positive result.  

Wood components that are fully exposed to the elements and open sunlight are less viable candidates for a successful repair.  Initially, the repair will look great.  However, as the wood cycles moisture, bringing about expansion and contraction stresses, the cracks will soon win out and open again.  We have seen through the years that it's best to forgo the repair of cracks in these conditions.

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