• Sealing Quikfair before priming with paint.

    Quikfair is slightly porous when sanded so we recommend sealing it with a thin coat of epoxy before priming and painting. Sealing will help to keep your primer coats consistent throughout. We recommend using a 2K epoxy such as our Silvertip Laminating Epoxy or General Purpose Epoxy for this, followed by the Silvertip Yacht Primer

  • Can Quikfair be stained?

    Quikfair will not accept stain.  For a surface to accept stain, or be "stainable," it must have a certain amount of porosity, for colored stains must sink into a surface.  Quikfair is highly-filled, but the rest of the formula is an epoxy resin blend, which will seal the surface too well for it to accept stain once the Quikfair has cured.