• Recoating Varnish

    Marine Spar Varnish can be recoated in 10-12 hours at the recommended coverage rate.  The varnish can be recoated without sanding up to 24 hours.  Beyond 24 hours, sanding is required.  Use 220-320 grit paper for brushing applications.  Use 400-600 grit for spray applications.

  • Buff and polish Marine Spar Varnish

    Marine Spar Varnish can be buffed out to remove dust and minor surface scratches.  The video below details how to buff and polish our popular MirrorCoat bartop coating.  The same process can be applied to buffing and polishing the Marine Spar Varnish.  See the MirrorCoat Buffing & Polishing Procedure below for detailed instructions.


  • How do I thin down or lower the viscosity of the Marine Spar Varnish?

    The Marine Spar Varnish can be thinned with mineral spirits at up to 10-15% by weight.

  • Marine Spar Varnish Over Sanding Sealers

    System Three® Marine Spar Varnish can be used over some sanding sealers but it will depend on the formulation of the sealer. Most lacquer-based sanding sealers are not recommended because the sanding aids are wax-related. We recommend testing the varnish over any other sealers in a small section to ensure you get good adhesion between the two coatings.  Also, for future reference, the Spar Varnish does not require sanding in between coats if applied within 12-24 hours of the initial coat.