• Rotfix on damp wood.

    RotFix is chemically formulated to cure over damp substrates. Best results are achieved by removing the wet, punky wood from the repair area.  If the wood is visibly wet after removing the punky material, use a hair dryer or heat gun to further dry the substrate.





  • RotFix Epoxy Coverage Rate

    RotFix Epoxy soaks deeply into porous wood materials.  Because of the varying porosity of rotting wood, the coverage rate can only be estimated within a range.  RotFix is available in 4 different kit sizes.  The kits are listed below with the approximate coverage per kit.

    3 oz. / 3-5 sq. ft.

    1.5 Pint / 24-26 sq. ft.

    1.5 Quart / 48-50 sq. ft.

    1.5 Gallon / 192-195 sq. ft.

  • Can you use RotFix with other wood preservatives?

    While we haven't done extensive testing with wood preservatives besides System Three EndRot™ Borate Powder(sodium borate), we know that copper and zinc naphthenate are compatible with RotFix, when the preservatives are given at least 7 days to penetrate and dry.


  • What finishes are compatible over RotFix?

    We know that System Three® finishes, WR-LPU and Marine Spar Varnish 
    are compatible with RotFix™.  Nitrocellulose lacquer, waterborne finishes, and 2-part polyurethanes will work as well.  As far as oil and 1-part polyurethanes, you will need to test for compatibility.

  • RotFix as a paint primer

    RotFix Sealer is a great product for consolidating or hardening soft or rotted wood.  It's also useful as a general purpose wood sealer.  If you have wood to paint, and it's a little soft, but not rotted away to require a full repair,  Rot Fix epoxy sealer will act as a primer for paint.