What is the Shelf-Life of System Three Products?

Provided they are stored properly, the performance of all System Three products is guaranteed for three years from the date of manufacture. If stored properly they can last much longer but should be tested first after the three-year period.

The batch code, located on the bottom of the container, will tell you the date of manufacture.


Example: A product with the batch code #806291 was manufactured on June 29th, 2018.

 Proper Storage

To maximize the shelf life of System Three products, store them in their original containers, with caps or lids tightly closed, and above 50°F.  Liquid epoxy resin-based products, if they have gotten too cold or too old, may crystallize and turn white in the container. Typically, crystallized resins (Part A) are recovered in one of two ways:

1) Heating in a water bath at 125°F or above until the resin clears up.

2) Heating in a microwave 10 seconds at a time until the resin clears up. 

Allow the resin to return to room temperature before use. 

Hardeners (curing agents or Part B) will not crystallize but may darken over time.  This color change will not affect their performance.  


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