How do I prep copper and copper alloys (brass / bronze) before bonding with epoxy?

- minimally, to ensure a good bond, the surfaces to be bonded should be clean, sanded (no finer than 150 grit), and solvent wiped.

- Optimal performance can be achieved by following the surface preparation method below.

1. Prepare the following solution:
   • Ammonium Persulfate 25 pbw.
   • Distilled or Deionized Water 75 pbw.
   • Stir at room temperature until powder dissolves.
2. Treat the metal as follows:
   • Degrease.
   • Immerse In the above solution for 30 seconds at room temperature.
   • Wash thoroughly in cold, running distilled or deionized water.
   • Dry and bond within 1 hour.

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