How to return the depth and clarity of a clear epoxy after sanding.

When clear, liquid epoxy products are sanded, they lose their clarity and take on a whitish appearance.  This is normal.  Clarity will return once additional epoxy has been applied over the sanded surface.  Similarly, in some applications, the epoxy is sanded in preparation for a UV protective topcoat.  After the topcoat product is applied, the epoxy will once again take on depth and clarity.

Another approach, though very labor-intensive is to continue sanding up the grit chain to the point where a high gloss appearance returns.  As well as being labor-intensive, it can also be quite expensive, easily running into the $100's of dollars.  Depending on where you start sanding, you will likely invest in upwards of 8-10 different grits not to mention multiply rubbing compounds.  Meticulous detail is required for a successful outcome. 



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