What happens when you add too much or too little crosslinker to the Pennant Topside Paint?

The main component of the crosslinker, polyaziridine, reacts with carboxylic acid groups in the resin to form a high crosslinking density that helps improve overall film properties. Therefore, adding no crosslinker or less than the recommended 2 ounces per gallon of paint will result in reduced physical and chemical resistance properties of the polyurethane coating.

Adding more than 2 ounces of crosslinker per gallon of paint does not improve film properties and will only result in the overuse of the material.

Note: The crosslinker will remain active for 24 hours after addition to the paint. After 24 hours, the paint
can be re-crosslinked. Once Pennant Paint has been crosslinked 2 times, it’s properties greatly diminish and should therefore be discarded.

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