Can I still use a Part A (Resin) liquid epoxy that has gone cloudy, thickened, hardened, or crystallized?

Liquid epoxy resin-based products, if they have gotten too cold or too old, may crystallize, harden, and turn white in the container.  System Three® two-part products are formulated to resist crystallization, but it can still occur. Typically crystallized resins (Part A) are recovered in one of two ways:

1) Heating in a water bath at 125°F or above until the resin clears up.

2) Heating in a microwave 10 seconds at a time until the resin clears up. 

Make sure the crystals or cloudiness is completely gone, or the product can recrystallize in a short period.  Allow the resin to return to room temperature before use. 

NOTE: Hardeners (curing agents or Part B) will not crystallize but may darken over time.  This color change will not affect their performance.  

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