How do I Color or Tint System Three Epoxies?

We offer pourable Epoxy Pigment Dispersions specifically formulated for compatibility with all System Three liquid epoxy resins. They are available in 7 standard colors and can be blended with each other to create additional colors. Simply add the colored dispersion to the Part A resin, then mix at the specified ratio with the Part B hardener.  Add up to 10% by volume of color dispersion without changing the performance of the cured product.

Other colorants, dry pigments, and dyes have been shown to be compatible with the System Three products.  You should always test other suppliers colorant material to ensure you are happy with the results before using it with a System Three Epoxy. 

NOTE:  Our color dispersions can be added to Sculpwood Putty and Paste, or Quikfair, but must be measured by weight.  No more than 5% is recommended for these materials.

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