How to use Non-Skid with Pennant Topside Paint?

Non-skid polycarbonate crystals can be utilized in one of two ways.  They can be added directly to the paint within the can, or broadcast into the freshly applied Pennant Paint.  

If adding directly to the paint, it's best to experiment some on scrap material.  You'll want to first determine how much of the non-skid to add for your liking.  Once this is determined, you may want to practice some on your application technique. Apply the non-skid / Pennant Paint mixture as the final coat.

The second approach to using non-skid is to broadcast the polycarbonate crystals into freshly applied Pennant Paint. Since the Pennant Paint set fairly rapidly, the non-skid should be broadcast immediately after application.  In some cases, a helper may be necessary.  After 4-6 hours (do not go beyond 24 hours) an additional coat of Pennant Paint should be applied over the textured surface.  This additional coat locks in the non-skid particles for maximum durability.

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