What are the sanding guidelines for applying one System Three product over another?

  • Recoating or applying one product on top of another for most of our 2:1 epoxies (General Purpose, SilverTip, Clear Coat, MirrorCoat, RotFix, etc.) can be done without sanding if done within 72 hours of the previous coat or product. Beyond that, sand the previous coat or product with 120-150 grit sandpaper to ensure the next layer adheres to the previous one. 

  • For S-1 Sealer and Cold Cure products, sanding must be done after 24 hours. 

  • For all System Three adhesives (Quick Cure, T-88, Gel Magic, MetlWeld, etc.) allow an overnight cure, sand the surface and apply more product.

  • For QuikFair, allow to harden 4-6 hours then sand with 120-150 grit paper and apply more QuickFair.

  • For SculpWood Putty allow to harden 4-6 hours then sand with 120-150 grit paper.  Apply RotFix Epoxy then while wet, add more SculpWood Putty.

  • For SculpWood Paste allow to harden 6-8 hours then sand with 120-150 grit paper and apply more SculpWood Paste.

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