What is the difference between SculpWood Putty and Quick Cure Wood Putty?

SculpWood Putty is a non-shrinking, two-part epoxy putty compound ideal for filling voids often associated with rot repair applications. After a 6-hour cure at 70 deg F, it sands like wood and machines easily. It has tenacious adhesion to wood substrates when paired with System Three RotFix epoxy. SculpWood Putty has a long working time and can be mixed in large volumes. These characteristics make it ideal for large repairs of architectural wood components.


Quick Cure Wood Putty is a very fast version of SculpWood Putty that is ideal for job sites and production environments where time is of the essence. However, the shorter working time limits the putty to only being mixed in golf ball-size quantities at a time. QuickCure Wood Putty is available in 6 colors to match common wood species and can be sanded and finished in as little as one hour. 

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